Quick links. Pliable Pixels has now broken free of mobile devices. It is now available on Desktops as well - windows win 7 or abovelinux as well as mac! Let me know how you like it.

Latest Version : 0. If it contains a section called "Important Notes" - you need to make sure read that as they may talk about specific patches to ZM or changed behavior to the app. Not reading them may result in zmNinja not working properly.

NOTE: If everything works except for quick scrub and event footage, please replace image. Last edited by asker on Tue Dec 15, am, edited 7 times in total. I would really like to test your app, especially the desktop version. Eventually also the mobile version. I think this app will really be a winner among my clients! I can't seem to get the binaries to work in either Windows or Linux.

What OS do you recommend I test with? I tried zmNinja on a machine running Windows 7 and then on another with Windows 10 and could not get it to run. Error returned says the OS is not compatible. What am I over-looking or what am I missing in my UI stacks? I really would love to test this out. API works great on my 1. I am running it on a w7 machine right now and so are others who are testing it. So I can't really provide more input till you post more details.

Which ZIP file did you download and are you running it on a desktop running W7? Or a Dell Inspiron E with Windows 10 also updated to most recent stand.

I got the API to work well after re-reading the docs from the link from knnniggett. I missed a step while building 1. So now I have a fully functional ZoneMinder 1. You should have seen a screen like this -- and then downloaded the ZIP.

After downloading, unzip, and double click on zmninja. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Got the API working, got the Linux desktop connected and all seems well. But I only see big red question marks for my monitors. I have 10 GrandStream cams, each puts out a low-def feed and a high-def feed. So a total of 20 monitors. Ideally I'd like to have zmNinja show me the low-def streams in the montage view.

What did you enter in "base path to cgi"?To get started, you'll need to download ZoneMinder. Packages make it super easy to install, and we offer the source code for those that want full control.

Isaac Connor is maintaining a PPA. The packages included in the default Ubuntu repos are out of date, so please don't install ZoneMinder using Ubuntu's repos. Bill Bunge maintains an updated Debian installation wiki which makes it very easy to install ZoneMinder on Debian. ZoneMinder is available just by typing emerge zoneminder.

zoneminder zmninja

Thanks to the Gentoo web-apps team for making this available. If you can't use a package, or maybe you just prefer to build everything on your own, ZoneMinder uses the cmake system to build from source. See instructions here. ZoneMinder does not run on any, and is incompatible withall versions of Windows. We have no plans to support Windows. Toggle navigation ZoneMinder.

Documentation Wiki Forums. Debian Bill Bunge maintains an updated Debian installation wiki which makes it very easy to install ZoneMinder on Debian.

Gentoo ZoneMinder is available just by typing emerge zoneminder. Source If you can't use a package, or maybe you just prefer to build everything on your own, ZoneMinder uses the cmake system to build from source.

Windows ZoneMinder does not run on any, and is incompatible withall versions of Windows. Check us out on:.You need to be a ZoneMinder user to use zmNinja. It even allows you to control ZoneMinder! ZoneMinder is an incredible open source camera monitoring system and is used by many for home and commercial security monitoring. If you have a stable and well configured Zoneminder server up and running; with some very basic skills this app compliments and completes the entire package. This app actually delivers.

However, I will say this developer has those little things that deliver experience and quality figured out. Keep up the great work please. ZmNinja has alleviated all that and is a great way to view your ZoneMinder content.

Try before you buy worked better than I expected I downloaded the compiled app onto my Mac, ran the wizard, and liked what I saw so I bought the app for my iPhone and also installed it on my iPad. I am so frugal this is the first app I ever purchase in 10 years of iPhone. Video playback is so smooth compare to the many other free apps I try. If you use ZM do yourself and the creator a favor and get this app! Wish I did a long time ago! Good job!

Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description zmNinja is the awesome and official mobile app for ZoneMinder. Apr 6, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size 26 MB. Category Utilities.

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Compatibility Requires iOS Languages English. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Blue Iris. ZmView Zoneminder.What's new New posts New resources Latest activity. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts.

zoneminder zmninja

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter francelife23 Start date Mar 5, Tags freenas jail zoneminder. Joined Mar 5, Messages 3.

It is up to you to adapt this to your own circumstances and to ensure you secure everything after installation — this HOWTO does not result in a secure installation!! It does not cover how to use or configure ZM. I am not a Linux ninja and have compiled this guide based on my experience and information gleaned from the internet — feel free to contribute improvements however I will not be able to actively support people in their own adoption of this procedure. Mileage may vary depending on your installed version.

Then it will cover installing ZM and getting as far as the ZM homepage, the rest is up to you! Change the network settings and note the IP address of the jail for later use.

Last edited: Mar 5, Joined Mar 2, Messages 1. First off this was a great help to me. The only problem is I get to the last stage in Step 3 and when I restart Apache I don't get an error however when I log in to the jail's IP address there is just a black page. Nothing is shown. I have looked into this a little more and I am guessing this is a permission thing because when I type service zoneminder status I get: Code:. Joined Nov 21, Messages Well done! Worked like a charm.

zoneminder zmninja

Many thanks for publishing this! I'm assuming I have to create it manually. I found the my.You need a minimum of ZM 1. All screens have annotated descriptions now. They are maintained in a google document, so I can easily edit it in future. Click here for the document. For iOS: To get a refund, Apple wants you to contact them directly using this link.

Note that depending on how long ago you made the order, I may not be able to refund. For example, I could not refund an app a user purchased 2 years ago. Also, please read Things you should own up to. If you are not willing to ensure the API works, please save yourself and me time.

Not my problem. Read below. Some users legitimately look around for an option to try before they buy and they are not savvy enough to download the code and compile Building from Source for themselves. Fair enough. In that case, download the Desktop version of zmNinja. Make sure the desktop version works before you buy the mobile version. As a substitute, I do make the full code available for free and offer a desktop binary version free too.

I only develop the app zmNinja. I only develop the app. Neither does zmView. It says so in the description of the app in the store. So feel free to fix your APIs, or ask me for a refund. I put out the source code, so people who know how to compile are able to do it themselves. I also hope this will encourage folks to PR changes though this has rarely happened. There are some odd cases, where zmNinja does not start or gets stuck in the splash screen on specific devices.

It is very hard for me to know why it fails on certain devices, but I can try. Here is what you need to do:. However, starting v1. This is the settings option. It is enabled by default. This means if you uninstall the app and install again, the settings should get restored. Do also note that 1. If you disabled iCloud you will have to re-enter your settings again only once.Authors : pliablepixels.

GitHub Download. AppImages are single-file applications that run on most Linux distributions.

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Download an application, make it executable, and run! No need to install. No system libraries or system preferences are altered. AppImages are usually not verified by others. Follow these instructions only if you trust the developer of the software.

Use at your own risk!

zmNinja - Home Security Camera App for Zoneminder - Part 3

Download the zmNinja AppImage and make it executable using your file manager or by entering the following commands in a terminal:.

If you want to restrict what zmNinja can do on your system, you can run the AppImage in a sandbox like Firejail. This is entirely optional and currently needs to be configured by the user. If you would like to have the executable bit set automatically, and would like to see zmNinja and other AppImages integrated into the system menus, icons, file type associations, etc. Thanks for distributing zmNinja in the AppImage format for all common Linux distributions.

Here are some ideas on how to make it even better. Please consider to add update information to the zmNinja AppImage and ship a. Tools like appimagetool and linuxdeployqt can do this for you easily.

We have an online tool that makes it easy to make one. The screenshot for zmNinja has been automatically taken during a fully automated test. If you would like to see a donation link for the application here, please include one in the AppStream data. History of this page. Edit the input for this page.It's just one dude, doing things at 2AM in the morning and then at 10PM at night.

That's probably why it rocks. It's a big improvement over using the ZoneMinder console on your phone. Try it and I hope you'll agree. Best of all, I'm dog-fooding my app every day and night so I keep adding cool stuff. Well, don't just stop there. It also works on Linux, Windows and Mac desktops. And by 'works' I mean 'works gorgeously'.

It uses the powerful ionic framework as a base and offers native like performance. Folks who have been trying to use ZoneMinder on their mobile phones without my app have had manic bouts of ecstacy after discover zmNinja.

Don't like something? Hack it and contribute back. Nothing like having source, eh?

Download ZoneMinder

Actually more than best buddies. And ZoneMinder needs zmNinja to be awesome. I've published the source code of zmNinja. It's free for personal use. You can read the license here. For developers: If you would like to make zmNinja better and you are a developer, feel free to fork and PR back. Make sure you read the contribution guidelines. If you are feeling generous and want to show your support to the project via a donation, thank you! You have two options - donate to ZoneMinder or donate to zmNinja.

While donating to zoneminder does not benefit zmNinja financially, zmNinja stands on the giant shoulders of ZoneMinder, and there are only a few guys maintaining ZoneMinder. So take your pick. I'd love to hear from you on how you are using zmNinja and if you have suggestions for improvements.

zoneminder zmninja

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. Please feel free to post suggestions using the github issue tracker for zmNinja here If you have general questions and not really issues or enhancements, feel free to post your questions on the ZoneMinder mobile forum or reach out to me via ZoneMinder's slack channel.

Demo An awesome app that watches your home when you can't. Best buddies with ZoneMinder "Just wanted to send an extra thank you for this app Awesome for wandering around the yard at noon, still in pajamas, but if I'm not here, anyone could be, and the neighbors would never know.

Neither the doors in my house nor my garage are visible from my neighbors houses, and a short way through the woods on one side is a home for "troubled" teenagers. If we forget to lock our cars, there won't be any change left in the console by morning!

I would be an utter fool to not have security cameras. I set up my IP cameras with ZoneMinder on an Ubuntu server and they work great, but the ZM web interface is not so great on a phone screen.